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Last update: 7.1.2011

Discourses from memorable celebrations

These materials are result of our Biblical research and were subject of discourses from memorable celebrations held once a year. Some of them are published in Context studies.

Hope is not lead to the desillusionReflection of Christians hope in present time2010
Witness to JesusWitness to Jesus and witness of Jesus2010
World’s eventsPresent worlds events in Biblical context2009
Is humankind educable?Education and its development during humankind history2008
About God’s kingdomWhat kind of God’s kingdom do we image?2008
Jesus Christ’s sacrificeJesus Christ’s sacrifice - Biblical analysis2007
Who is Christian?Who is right or true Christian?2007
Spiritual indolenceSpiritual indolence - bar to God’s education2006
Spiritual growthSpirutal growth in present time2005
From Chalice to ChaliceGod’s covenants through Jesus Christ2004
When God enters in the humankind life?God’s interferences into the humankind’s life in history2004
What strengthen us?Haw to behave in critical situations?2003
Suffering of Jesus ChristPersonal importance Jesus Christ’s sacrifice2003
Expectation of sons of God advent”The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed”2002
World incidentsWorld incidents and Biblical prophecy2002
FaithAnalysis definition Faith2001
MysticismAnalysis definition Mysticism2001
Ask and it will be given to youAnalysis definition Prayer2001
HopeAnalysis definition Hope2001

These studies are available only in Czech language.