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Last update: 7.1.2011

October 2008


"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Churches"

"Angels of the Christian Churches !" (Re 1:20) "I am here and I have a message for you message from the Father!" (Isa 52:6)

You, who are the guardian spirits, who are informal authorities and moral pillars of your Churches

You love your neighbours and people in general and you have a creative and missionary spirit. You pursue justice. You strive to be wise and you show wisdom in your behaviour towards people who need you. You long for understanding the will of God in all respects in which you feel your blessing. Some of you have preserved the word of God by translating it into other languages and by other edifying and scientific activities when researching it. Your friends love you. You have merit in all good things for which your Churches are respected and revered. You entered into a covenant with Jesus Christ and endeavour to adhere to it.

However, you cannot be satisfied with the state of the mankind, but we Christians are responsible for it (for more details see the lecture On the Kingdom of God ) [1] .

You do good when admonishing this world for its condition and for its actions, which are in conflict with the will of God, especially abuse of power, widespread corruption of civil servants, wars, xenophobia, envy, indifference, too large disparity between the rich and the poor - individuals and nations - and many and many others.

Note: The disparity between the rich and the poor is already extreme and it is the most dangerous kind of extremism in the contemporary world being actually at the bottom of all other extremisms.

You warn justly this world against the consequences of its irresponsibility.

What needs to be done for a remedy?

Nevertheless, think about the deeper causes of this state.

The Christians are to be the example of behaviour for this world.

Their spiritual state (as a whole), however, is not satisfactory. Though they belong to one flock, the flock of Christ [2] , they are divided. Although their spiritual ancestors were brave and sacrificed their lives for the Kingdom of God [3] , today's Christians are mostly timid [4] . Although the first Christians often explored the word of God in order to gain knowledge about God and his wisdom [5] , today's Christians have almost no knowledge of it.  Though the first Christians knew that the God asks for acts of faith [6] , today's Christians mostly assume that visiting masses and other religious rituals is their sufficient service to God. Although the first Christians knew that greed is useless, today's Christians are longing for wealth, possession and power [7] . Though the first Christians treasured their community, today's Christians pursue individualism [8] . They don't realize that they cannot learn to be loving and righteous when being close-set.

And it was Christians who got themselves dragged into both world wars and who even started them. Their spiritual state was so weak that the didn't recognize deceitfulness of some worldly leaders and believed their demagogic seditious words [9] .

They don't listen your warning voices mostly either today, when the world is heading for a civilization collapse. If they ever sense danger, they suppose that their prayers will be just enough. They hardly become involved for the Kingdom of God ; they think that at most only acts of charity and helping in disasters are necessary. They failed to understand that God gave this planet to mankind to govern it [10] and they assume, that God will do this himself instead of them as well [11] . They refuse to hear that it is just them who should be the example to the whole world in terms of involvement in this matter, too [12] .

Where is the error?

1) Today's Christendom is divided into many Churches. How can then the Churches be the example to the Christians in terms of unity and Christian community?

2) Today's Churches namely conceded again to be controlled by bureaucrats [13] . How can then the Christians face the bureaucracies of state administrations and not to emulate them?

3) Today's Churches only rebuke and only insufficiently teach what the led-by-them sheep of Christ need for their life and spiritual growth. They teach only rules but not a desire for knowing God and his creation. How can then the Christians orientate themselves in the world?

4) What interest may the Christians have in protecting the planet Earth that was entrusted to them, believing that their future is elsewhere? How can they be interested in a spiritual work believing that everything will be different in the "heaven" and that they will not need any of their earthly experience? How are they supposed to cope with such a collision in their minds? Why don't they know that the "angels of the Churches" are humans and their "heaven" is on Earth [14] ?

5) Why so few Christians visit their gatherings? Because except repeated prayers and rituals they won't learn and comprehend anything there. People were created to grow spiritually. To grow not only in the knowledge of God but also of his works as well and in order to be able to deal with it.  Yet they have to govern the Earth and a lot of special knowledge is needed for them to be able to do so.

You teach correctly that the Christians should show love to their neighbours. However, do the Christians know who their neighbours are? Do they understand that it is easier to show love to those they do not know (hence they are often willing to contribute to charity abroad) but they don't do much for those nearby (knowing drawbacks of the others they have only little sympathy with them)? [15]

Do the Christians know that to show love to a neighbour today means to be skilled in this matter? How can they save a man lying in blood, when they hardly know the first aid rules and yet they may even harm him? How can they rebuke someone while not knowing anything about psychology? How may they act tactfully not knowing the others well enough and being too little humble? Do the Christians know that their duty is also to learn and teach so that they can be useful in every good work? [16] Or is a good work only the one done by means of hands? Should wisdom be just in hands but not in thinking and knowledge?

It is necessary to understand better the causes of this state

During a disease it is vital to cure not only its symptoms but primarily its root. Similarly, when bringing up mankind it is crucial to target the fundamentals - the basic deficiencies from which the other ones arise.

The fundamental deficiencies of mankind

These inadequacies are partly those which came out at the very beginning [17] and partly those grown by Satan in the mankind in order to achieve his aim (Isa 14:14).

- the fundamental deficiencies shown already at the beginning

Adam was lazy [18] and this quality of his served as the basis of laziness of most men who are diligent of their own accord only when having in prospect enrichment, tributes or at least do their hobbies. Generally they are lacking the genuine motivation - the love agape. [19]

Adam chose to risk his life because of Eve who he loved (with love philia) more than his God and Father. (The angel of the church in Thyatira committed the same offence with his love for "Jezebel".) Through an excessive love for a woman a revolt against the natural authority started. This feature has verged into human qualities of a number of Christian men that are lead away from God by their women. [20]

Adam was interested neither in fulfilling the primary task given to mankind, nor in developing his knowledge - an angel had to use his desire for a partner and brought to him surrounding animals so that Adam could give them names at last. [21] Hence, many Christian men nowadays had no interest in education and exploring nature and its qualities.

- the fundamental  deficiencies cultivated by Satan's interference

Satan was allowed [22] to bullyrag mankind even with death. As a result, many Christians are lacking courage, they are milk blooded, some are even cowardly. Satan's pride also inspires lots of Christians to an excessive self-confidence. [23]

Satan's solitary appearance in heavens inspires Christians to individualism and to a lack of effort to cooperate on the Kingdom of God and on the fulfilment of the primary task for which mankind was created. [24]

What to do with them?

These fundamental deficiencies are most important and are the primary causes of all others. It is therefore necessary to focus first of all on their elimination and to pursue the secondary ones as late as afterwards (if they don't disappear by themselves).

How to proceed?

Even your Church needs to be purified! [25]

Start with your Church

It's impossible to rebuke others if we cannot offer our personal example. [26] First of all it is necessary to get rid of these errors in your own community! How do they come to light?

Laziness [27]

The essentials for Christians' remedy are: involvement but mainly initiative, exploration of new ways, research and above all surmounting of tradition. Didn't the apostle Paul say: [28] For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears? [29] (1Co 13:9,10) This work should be done especially by those rightly professing to belong to the Anointed ones. Jesus Christ calls them his children or the little ones or the little brothers, the apostles called them the holy. Do look after them because Christ will judge Churches mainly based on their concern for them ! [30]

Excessive love for a woman [31]

Already Adam has shown a bigger love to his woman than to himself and even to his Father - God. We should love our neighbour as we do ourselves, not less but also not more - that's already idolatry. Kind men often suffer from this quality and it is very bad. [32] It is necessary to fought against this phenomenon first of all in our own entourage.

Lack of interest in creative work - fulfilling the primary task of mankind

Fulfilment of impositions given by officials is not sufficient. Jesus Christ yet said: "So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, `We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.'" [33]

To be understood: We do only what we are obliged to do.

Lack of courage [34]

Retreating to the pressure of power elite - especially of a totalitarian orientation - happened and still happens at many of places. There are still influential Christians who actually subvert Christianity by setting example to common Christians, example of collaboration with non-Christian external influences because of fear or corruption.

Excessive self-confidence [35]

Christians resent if you act as having from your Lord Jesus Christ all knowledge needed for present days. If you cannot explain to them clearly why this world is in crisis and what is to happen with it, you build their faith only through mysticism - which means that you appeal solely to a human inclination to believe in fairy tales. [36] Yet Jesus Christ said: Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free! [37] But the truth must be proven, not only asserted. Don't forget that an average Christian is exposed to attacks of lots of false statements that are claimed to be true. How is he/she supposed to recognize that just your truth is not a fallacy?

Biblical revelations were only an inspiration which nowadays has to be proven. [38] Undertake at last the task to set free yourselves and other Christians by getting to know, announcing and proving the truth.


The Father makes it obvious to us everywhere that the wants us to perform our task collectively. He often addresses his nation as a whole. [39] Mankind can only jointly fulfil the primary task to rule the Earth and its life. [40] The Father is willing to sacrifice even the best individual in order to save mankind. [41]

It is necessary for Christians to pursue the spirit of fellowship in all respects and on all levels. And it is still necessary to warn Christians that their is the responsibility for the state of all the world. They must not feel that their task is to save themselves and perhaps at best their family - or in the extreme only their Christian congregation. To warn people is just not enough: it is necessary to show them a realistic path upheld with truthful, credible and persuasive evidence and facts.


Caution! The Devil and his false Christ [42] as well as their allies are in some Christian congregations and not amongst atheists or gentiles. [43] Try to recognize them and, if possible, to banish them out from your Church as soon as possible.

Education of Christians

The above-mentioned qualities need to be at first developed at Christians.

It is necessary to gradually eliminate differences between formal ways of worship of God practised by various Churches. It is very embarrassing for Christians to be taught to so many different forms of "service to God".  Yet God needs no formal service from us [44] and it's high time to show to Christians what God really wants from us. Aim all your efforts at unity in the Spirit of God and step back from worship formalities which are basically the only thing that dividing you. It is high time!

The real service to God is actually a service to mankind [45] with the aim to fulfil the fundamental task of mankind. That's why the Christians have to know how they can and should be useful to their neighbours, their people and mankind in general. They have to know the significance of morals; they must know and understand which rules are purposeless, which are of little importance and which are necessary and why.

Support and encourage Christians' hunger after education in all useful fields of knowledge. Show them the necessity of honest science and of skills needed to fulfil the fundamental task of mankind.

Train them for Christian and civil courage and so that they train their children in the same way. [46]

Show them that the Christian qualities can be learned only in a fellowship of cooperating Christians as well as of other people. Sharing fellowship just for entertainment and recreation is not sufficient - only people with mutual sympathies or common interest gather for common amusement. [47] A Christian community should be in principle open. Teach its members how to work as a team. May they not be proud and arrogant.

Further, it is necessary to fall back from mysticism and mysteries in general. Mystic experiences are either incommunicable directly or at least unverifiable and therefore entirely useless for a Christian fellowship. [48] They have nothing in common with the truth that has power to set them free. Fall back from worshipping through paintings, sculptures and similar things, from traditional places, etc.; they never show the truth important for salvation. Make use of your authority, influence and your credit of a moral pillar in your Church.

         Hurry up!

A discerning person cannot overlook signals that the world is quickly heading for a crisis. [49] It is impossible for God to let this situation by because right now the fulfilment of mankind's basic task is in a very serious danger. That's why it is necessary to await the coming of his son who will at first judge the Churches by separating the sheep from the goats. [50] It is high time!

Learn to distinguish spirits. [51]

The civilized world wants us badly already now - it will not get along without you.

At an early date the cherub Spiritual Jesus Christ will act and come to judgement of all Christians and mainly of their representatives. Don't be found cowardly (Re 21:8).

With the aim to unify we are offering the scientific knowledge of the Scriptures on our pages. We endeavour after the utmost seriousness.

Purify your Churches!

Although the spiritual progress of your Churches depends on you, you live in distress. Why?

Firstly you cannot cut cold that the Christianity is in a long-term crisis. To your regrets, its influence and authority in the world continuously decline and the prospect of the Kingdom of God ruling the whole world (De 7:18,27) seems not to be achievable any more. That is why you hope for this Kingdom outside the Earth, although you know well that the Christians are the heirs of Abraham's covenant (Ga 3:29) and that God gave a promise to Abraham with a prospect on this Earth - and nowhere else.

And secondly, you feel that although you are at least one step further than the official teaching of your Church, you are neither allowed to talk about your knowledge nor to be indicative of it, the more to explain or even to teach. Even your interest in more detailed studies of the Holy Scriptures in order to explain nebulous official teachings is often observed with extreme resentment and suspicion. You are often being eavesdropped on and incited by "supervisors" seeking an opportunity to denunciate you (compare Ga 2:4). A long time ago the control over Churches has been taken by bureaucrats who, in the same way as during the first (Moses's) covenant, often take heed to the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law and who often in the past and sometimes at present substituted the commandments of Jesus by their own ones (2 Co 3:6; Mr 7:7). It's nothing new - yet those Christians who had the biggest merit in the preservation of the Scriptures and their translations used to be uncomprehended, persecuted and excommunicated.

That's why you make every effort and try to become involved in helping people according to your abilities. You take pains so that you don't have to think about the discrepancies that make you suffer. Your and our Father knows it very well.

         Crisis of Christianity

You know for yourselves that the Christianity should have been spread and conquer the power over the world through preaching and teaching and not by "fire and sword". You can surely imagine with what difficulty your predecessors missionaries withstood ruthless and greedy acts of their "Christian" kings who under guise of evangelization mostly catered only to their own drive for power and wealth. You know very well how much evil was connected with Christianity and its expansion. You are sad for it as well and you often pray to the Father asking him to show you a way how to prevent these and similar evil things.

Your influence in the Churches is however still small.  Even the bureaucracy that governs you knows well about the crisis of Christianity but tries hard she solve it by using means that could be called political. The bureaucracy cannot take a decision though. It assumes that every Church is facing two decisions:

Either to become united with other Christian Churches and thus try to gain bigger influence over world events. However, this is encumbered partly by the fact that some Churches do not want to accept it, and partly by large complications during a unification of those teachings which distinguish you from one another and which actually give your Churches the only reason for an independent existence.

In addition to it they know that this is linked with a huge risk. So they just proclaim the unification and leave the realisation up to initiatives of individuals from which they may disavow in case of failure.

Or to decide to proclaim their Church for the only true one and to try fundamentalism and fanaticism. [52] But they know well that if this fails, then the one who starts it will be finished soon. This is extremely risky as well.

At the same time these bureaucrats pray to the Father, but they as well as you all feel (and quite rightly) that they do not back you in such plans. The Churches have no significant blessing in these acts and you know it, too. Almost all today's power of the Churches stands upon bureaucracy (and is thus equally vulnerable as a power of any secular organization) - there is therefore no place there to avail the spirit which is in you. In the world as well as in the Churches the bureaucracy is an element of destruction. It is the most efficient retardant of spiritual progress.

What's the real cause of the crisis of Christianity?

It is not just because of the errors committed by the Church bureaucracy. Nowadays it is also due to the fact that the present era of Christianity ends. Today's Christianity namely has, except mysticism, nothing left what would impress today's people. For a rationally considering person mysticism has (with some exceptions) no attractiveness. It is true that the world is getting nearer to its own crisis and that many bureaucrats hope in capitalizing on it. But the crisis is given objectively and the world knows how to get out of it. It is the crisis of morals, but the world knows this as well - even without the bureaucrats. Bureaucrats know well that if the world ends in a collapse of civilization [53] while a certain percentage of mankind survives the horrible crisis, the Churches led by bureaucracy will not force their authority upon them because they have no particular advice how to prevent the recurrence of human selfishness and recklessness. Well, how did the Christian Churches prevent recidivism of war after the World War I.?

Today's Christianity represented by Churches of Christendom ran out of its ideological point - it grew obsolete. [54] Your Father in Heavens prepared another - the third - covenant, and along with it you will obtain new targets and new methods needed for further development.

None of the Churches has been approved yet

Until now no Church has the definitive approval. However, Jesus Christ in heavens acknowledges his covenant with all Christians and will fulfil his part. He will very soon come for salvation which he offers to all who will be expecting him. [55]

None of your Churches has therefore right to feel to be the only one and despise the others. [56]

Your situation is however not quite the same

Christ is now searching which angel and which Church he will declare to be his "faithful and wise servant" and "will put him in charge of all his possessions", [57] and for that purpose ,,he walks among lamp stands". [58] You should "run in such a way as to get the prize". [59]

Yet what is necessary for a victory?

,,To him who overcomes ..."? [60]

The present problem

An absolute majority of Christians now do not even think about any victory, they are concerned just about holding the line. Only those Churches (or rather their founders), which had been promising the end of this world to a certain specific time - obviously in vain because they were based on wrong presumptions - experienced a temporary expansion. Since also this "gospel" was wrong the expansion ended a long time before reaching a level on which the Church could give a thought to an implementation of the Kingdom of Heavens .

Churches have introduced systems of officials that could hardly do something else and who therefore just tenaciously strive for a bare livelihood. You also have established systems of organizational and other rules that work in the same way as in secular organizations, i.e. they are mostly raised above its own purpose and have thus created the dominance of rules - bureaucracy. The effort of bureaucrats is aimed mainly at looking for financial resources and for new officials that would replace the over seasoned and deceased ones.

And all of it despite the fact that Jesus Christ fought just against it. In his era the word bureaucracy didn't exist and hence wasn't used but as you know the Jewish society of that time was very particular about formal adherence to its regulations. And it wasn't only faulty human rules; [61] yet the apostle Paul pointed out that the Law itself was being applied bureaucratically, namely that its stipulations were raised higher than what their raison d'être was. [62]

You know well that another and even bigger stay to your development are established and cut-and-dry teachings. Their changelessness thus defies further progress since they are mostly at fault and you adhere to them just because the acknowledgement of a mistake could be used by a competing Church which would lead away your believers.

In this situation none of you can gain the victory.

What next?

Always keep in mind what is your goal: To put across continuing spiritual progress and catharsis as nowadays primary objective of your Church and Christianity at all. Remember that nobody else will do that for you.

Be committed and initiative. Make the best of your talents. Seek for new methods how to proceed. Do everything what's in your power in order not to be found lazy (Mt 25:26).

Act bravely, however wisely and with discretion. Do not forget that you opponents, adversaries and even enemies are in your "own family" (Mt 10:36). Don't get uselessly interdicted from the Church.

Differentiate between honest and modest officials and bureaucrats, so that you don't become unjust.

If it's not possible (and it will be only in a small number of cases), pull away by yourselves having warned the others strongly and join that Church where progress will be possible. Don't found new Churches, there is no lime left for it.

Everybody can make a mistake or misunderstand something. It's better to make a mistake and then retrieve it rather than not to do anything.

Relinquish any disputes with other Churches and focus on the restoration of your Church in the spirit of Christianity and its spiritual progress.

Ensue that your Church gradually steps back from ritual masses, formal prayers, processions and other traditional mystic attractions and that it pursues first of all the spiritually educational preaching.

Announce to your believers that with respect to the impending collapse of the civilization [63] it is necessary to reinforce your Church and prepare it for the future events because only God can save mankind from a destruction which people prepare irresponsibly for themselves. This is the truth that cannot be denied. This truth is replaceable only with a new false belief against which you can and should convincingly argue. Explain truthfully to believers why the world is getting into a crisis. Show them that there is no remedy to come unless they are willing to seriously embark on the public affairs; that God will help us though but he wishes the mankind not to be lazy [64] - yet the primary task we were given was to gain control of the planet Earth [65] and that this requires knowledge, skills, education as well as involvement. On the other hand may they keep away from extreme movements, e.g. ecological fundamentalism (which is excessive and exaggerated and thus discourages from a sensible ecology). Christians must act reasonably and choicely in all their activities - it is their duty.

Within the framework of your reinforcement divert attention of your believers from questionable teachings and intensely aim your and their efforts to a purge, [66] i.e. the restoration of real Christian morals - non-hypocritical, but not exaggerated. [67] Emphasize above all honesty and propriety.

Don't attack the world - just warn against irresponsibility and frivolity. Jesus Christ said though that people would behave like if there is no danger - just like in the days of Noah. A mere criticism of morals has been ineffective long since.

Seek after your really anointed ones - those are the "little ones" of Jesus Christ. [68] Don't forget that Churches will be judged according to their attitude towards them. You will need them because they will help you to progress.

Slowly but surely step back from mysticism - there will be no place for it in the new covenant. Mankind will henceforth live on Earth because it has to develop for a long time yet. We all are still far from perfection. The next Kingdom of God will be again on this planet.

A now something to priorities:

Priorities of Jesus Christ

The preservation of the Word of God (the word of Jesus Christ also referred to former Scriptures) is so important that (at the time when it's otherwise almost inaccessible) it is an imperishable good deed. Translate it as a whole into languages in which it is not available yet and ensure it's accessible to anyone who is interested. But don't force it on.

Seek for the wisdom of God and for the knowledge of God and don't be satisfied only with partial understanding. The fullness is yet to come. [69] Your really anointed ones will help you in it. [70]

Restore your motivation towards the love "agape" - the love based on the human-to-human relationship. Remember that without this motivation all your deeds - even the best ones - are useless. [71] In this respect even tepidity is not enough. [72] Each of you endeavour in person after the way forward.

What needs to be abandoned?

 Withdraw from politicking and chase for fortune. That would be just up to the bad for you.

Struggle against hedonism. Preach to Christians that at the time when mankind is nearing catastrophe there is no time to excessive gratification.

Remember that love for a woman must not be comparable with the love of God. A man has to love his woman (and a woman her man) in the same way as himself (herself), but not more. Otherwise it is idolatry.

Struggle against the real fornication which is first of all homosexuality. Although propensity to it is often inherited, it is necessary to look for all means how to help such people - similarly as with the dependence on drugs. To arouse hatred toward such people is unjust.

A new covenant requires a new organization, however built according to the same principles.

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