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Last update: 7.1.2011

Reflections on the year

At this time, the solstice, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and the new year are celebrated. We wish you peace and quiet at this time, we are sending a hug. With the wish of God's blessing, a little reflection:

Another year is coming to an end, one year in our personal life. But one period in the life and events of the whole world has also ended. The important thing is that we don't look back as something that was just a fluke, that it was meaningless and that it didn't lead to any goal. Our life is under the power of the sovereign Lord who has a well thought out plan for us. As I write in Jeremiah, "For what I intend with you, I know only me, is the statement of the Lord, they are ideas about peace, not evil: I want to give you hope for the future." (JR 29:11). The LORD knows well when to give us happy and when it is to burden us with tests. We do not want to decide on these things ourselves or to regulate God. The Lord sees further and better. We often only later, looking back, see that what we considered to be unwanted suffering, and even a wrong, turned out to be something that helped us in the end.

Psalm 113 tells us what to do: "Praise, the servants of the Lord, praise the name of the Lord! Blessed be the name of the Lord now and forever. From the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, let the name of the Lord be praised." We should praise the Lord, for his blessing hand was with us, he fed us, cared for us and comforted us. He spoke to us in his word and was with us and many of the difficult and painful hours that did not miss us. It was he who gave us another year of life.

But sometimes it is a question: where is there all events, in the world, but also in my personal life God? Especially in the event where it can be seen that obvious nonsense, futility, suffering, destruction are gaining ground. If we leaf through the book of Ecclesiastes, we read: "What has been done will be done again, and what has been done will be done again; There is nothing new under the sun. "(Kaz 1,9), however, a few pages we read" Behold, I do something quite new and it is already. Don't you know about it? " (IZ 43,19)

We Christians today have more light and more hope than Ecclesiastes. Christ's kingdom has already sprung up among us. We already know about him. However, the preacher's words can warn us: there is not yet fullness, there are still too many tears flowing through God's world, not only ours, but also those who are much worse off than us. And it is in this transitory world that we are to be attentive. Carefully learn from the past. Carefully anticipating what lies ahead. But also be attentive to the present. Rejoice above all in the fact that we are alive. And that despite all worries, fears and vanities, still believe and experience something like fulfillment and gratitude. And then perhaps the worries about what life will bring will be a little less dark.

And I would also recall one parable from Luke 13:6-9: "Then he told them this parable: A man had a fig tree in his vineyard; he came for its fruit, but found nothing on it. He said to the vinedresser: Behold, I have been coming for the fruit of this fig tree for three summers, and I have found nothing. Cut it out! Why should it spoil the ground? He replied, Lord, left him this year when I dig it and fertilize it. Hopefully it will bear fruit next time; if not, you will have him defeated." The parable of the Lord Jesus about the barren fig tree captures God's expectation and benevolence. The patience and intercession of the gardener also turns our gaze forward and gives hope that is also a challenge. Fruit is expected. The owner does not need a fruitless fig tree in his orchard. It is not useful, it spoils the earth unnecessarily. The gardener intercedes, digs and fertilizes. Although the result is not clear. Another year is given, with no guarantee of the result. Society, churches, and every individual. A chance to be influenced, freed by the power of Christ's sacrifice, so that the fruit of our life is worthy of Christ's name.